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Why didn’t this site exist before?

A project such as building productcategory.net is usually born out of the frustration: Why doesn’t something like this already exist? For me, this little labour of love began with similar bewilderment. Google Shopping is quickly becoming one of Google’s most important cash cows, so why is the tooling around it so dire. Especially when it comes to the Google Product Taxonomy. I was flabbergasted and determined to change this. Finding the right category for a product shouldn’t be such a chore.

At the moment I’m writing this blog the website is still in it’s infancy. It’s a newborn, far removed from learning to walk, even crouching isn’t an option. It will get there. Hopefully fast, depending on the spare time I have for it. The features are basic to say the least, but I hope it is a step up from searching through the plain text list of Google Product Categories that the big G provides you with. I’ve got many ideas to improve this site and am already testing out some of them behind the scenes, but I really hope you’ll pitch in and send me feature request and tips. Furthermore, bug reports are much appreciated.

On top of improving the Google Product Category Finder, I hope to help Google Shopping users with other tools and tips via this website and Google Shopping Blog in the coming months.

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