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Product Discovery & Insights

Everything starts with getting the right products for your online store. These tools can help.


Viral Launch is a product discovery and insight tool that helps brands to sell successfully on Amazon.

It allows brands to monitor their competitor’s product strategy while keeping tabs on their product offerings and revenue-driving keywords.

It has better automation on Amazon, Amazon product research, competitor tracking, and Amazon advertising and PPC.

Pricing: There’s the option for a monthly and annual subscription plan. For the yearly plan, you will get two months free. The MI Extension plan costs $21/month; the Beginner plan at $50/month; Pro plan at $83/month, the Brand Builder plan at $125/month; Kinetic plan at $166/month.


ProductBoard is a cloud-based product management system that helps you gain deep insight into your customers’ needs, prioritize your market, and design a roadmap for your products.

With this tool, you can understand what your customers need, confidently decide on products to develop next, share your roadmap with different teams and stakeholders.

Pricing: ProductBoard comes with a monthly or yearly subscription plan. When you subscribe to the annual plan, you will get two months free.

The Individual plan costs $49/month; the Team plan costs $99/month; the Business plan costs $199/month; the Enterprise plan cost is not stated and would require you to call their sales team for a quote.