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Product Feed Management Tools

Updating product feeds manually via Google’s Merchant center can quickly get complicated and exhaustive as the range of products you provide increases.

Keeping your feeds updated and optimized would require weekly, if not daily routine checks, and some eCommerce business owners outsource this all together for a fee.

Many tools have been created over the years to automate product feed management and save time and effort. Here’s a list of the six product feed management applications we recommend.


First on our list is DatafeedWatch, an excellent data feed management tool with 100% support for google shopping and 1000+ more shopping channels and marketplaces worldwide.

Beyond its data feed optimization and distribution feature, DataFeedWatch also automates search ads and gives product-level analytics, which means you can launch Google ad campaigns right from the tool and analyze which of your products are performing well, which are not.

To get started using DataFeedWatch, you can check out their pricing page or give it a spin first with their 15 days free trial.


Channable is another data feed management tool with a good reputation in the market, with many features such as;

  • A Dedicated Product feed manager
  • A Powerful Marketplace connection feature
  • Ad campaign Automation (Channable’s PPC tool)
  • Detailed Analytics to track feed performance & sales
  • An eCommerce plugin

These features make Channable one of the most potent feed management solutions you can consider to handle an entire agency’s worth of work with ease. It also works with Microsoft advertising as well as 2,500+ other marketplaces and affiliate platforms.

It’s powerful PPC tool can automate and create dynamic ads that stay in sync with your inventory status.

Pricing: Channable does not have a free trial, but you can get started with their entry plan at $39/month, supporting a single project and a limited number of feed items.


HighStreet is a Shopping feed provider with automation capabilities. This tool can optimize data feeds and update them in real-time.

Highstreet can also optimize images for different channels, follow color naming standards, and create rules to display the right currency, language, and URL depending on the country your marketing, too, without any technical knowledge.

It is a managed service, which means you don’t need to know much. The tool does all the heavy lifting for you, which makes this perfect for beginner retailers.

Pricing: HighStreet.io operates as a managed service so that the pricing will depend on your personal needs. You can get a quote from their website via the contact us page.

Product Sup

ProductsUp has one of the most excellent looking and user-intuitive Saas interface in the market for feed management tools.

Just like DataFeedWatch, it offers features like simplified feed management, marketplace integration, seller/vendor onboarding, and product content syndication.

With over 1,500+ channels, it guarantees the visibility and sales of your product. It also has a powerful analytics feature that allows you to track the performance of your product feeds.

Pricing: ProductsUp does not have specific pricing. It depends on your personal needs, which they determine via their Free Demo trial.

Go DataFeed

Go DataFeed is a product data feed platform that manages and streamlines how retailers publish and optimize their products in the blogosphere. It is changing the way merchants connect to marketing channels like Amazon, Google, and Facebook. It’s becoming an encompassing product feed tool that speeds up optimization for a lot of users, automates their feeds and orders, and removes major stumbling blocks.

Pricing: It comes with different and affordable pricing range to meet your business needs. The Lite Plan is its entry plan at $39 per month. Check through its other pricing plans here.

Verse Feed

VersaFeed is a Data Feed Management tool that allows for optimized product feeds while providing various other tools for easy customization.

It enables Google shoppers to customize their accounts to ensure quality feeds and a high ROI, monitor product data imports, and provide visibility and enhanced coverage.

It is a great tool designed to manage your google shopping.

Pricing: VersaFeed is quite a premium tool that comes in three pricing plans. The least of its plan is the silver plan, at $1,495/month; gold plan, at $2,995/month; platinum plan, which demands that you call in for a quote. Check here.


FeedArmy is a premium Data Management Tool designed for Google Shopping and other channels that gives you the leverage to export your eCommerce products straightforwardly.

It also helps advertisers improve their Google Ads advertising efforts. With its ability to publish products across platforms such as Google Shopping, Facebook, Pinterest, Bing, and lots more, FeedArmy is quickly a leading solution for data management.

Pricing: FeedArmy runs two pricing types – the FeedArmy application pricing, which has about six plans under it, and the FeedArmy Service Pricing, which has about three different pricing plans under it. You can find more about these plans here.