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Image & Content Tools

The right content and image quality is important for your Google, Bing or Facebook Shopping feeds. These tools will help improve that quality.


Gepard.io is a data transformation platform that connects manufacturers with retailers and automatically transforms and delivers its product information worldwide.

It is a content syndication platform that integrates with the world’s top wholesalers, retailers, marketplaces, and solution providers.

This service helps to centralize diverse product data and delivers content to a wide range of sales channels.

It features API, dashboard, data export, data import, external integrations, and notifications. 

Pricing: Gepard.io offers premium pricing only, which is not immediately stated.  You will need to contact the company for personalized quotes.


Icecat is an independent global syndicator of eCommerce product content and product statistics.

It is a leading content provider that had free datasheets for your webstore. It comes with a module that offers real-time loads and caches all available product information, including images, short and long description, and every attribute for your products.

There are no complex configurations, no additional hosting requirements. You only need to sign up, install the module, and you are good to go.

Pricing: There’s the basic plan, free; Bronze plan at $19/month; Silver plan at $29/month; Gold plan at $49/month.


Pixelz is a leading product image editing service for internet retailers, designers, photographers, bloggers, and webmasters. It is a retouching service designed for the e-commerce marketplace.

With image content proving indispensable in the eCommerce space, Pixelz seeks to solve the challenges of product photography and the post-production process.

Pricing: Pixelz offers four editing plans – the Solo plan, which costs $9/month; Professional plan, which costs $95/month; Enterprise plan, which costs $1,995/month. The API plan is a move away from image retouching to market integration. Contact the vendor to get a quote on this plan.